Just not too long ago we checked out Vinnfier’s very affordable sub RM500 sound bar you can get and, in all honesty,, wouldn’t regret it as its quite the surprising product – you can click here to read if you haven’t. Today we have two products – we will be focusing on the name of portability and that’s the Vinnfier Momento 3 True Wireless Earbuds and NeoBoom Speaker.

Vinnfier Momento 3


Vinnfier ventured into portable audio with their Momento 3 True Wireless earbuds and I have to say its quite the impressive one to take a look at – because at its offering price tag, it claims to have the following:

  • A True Wireless Earbuds with Touch sensors for control
  • 6 Hours of Battery Life for longer play back
  • 20 Hours of Battery in the case
  • IPX4 Sweat Proof Build Quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0

That said the case itself is very solid and nice to hold with this matte finish overall. We received in this navy green color which looks quite okay but if you want to go for something else, you can do that too. What intrigued me is the very fact that it has a USB-C port at the back for charging and the recently reviewed TWS Edifier X3 comes with MicroUSB. They do have a generic design for the earbud and the moment you take it out, the voice inside of the earbuds will prompt and you can pair it right away. While it may not support any of the Qualcomm aptX codec and rely solely on the SBC and AAC codec, honestly – it sounds quite alright and considering that these are some affordable earbuds – there are some hit and miss but for the most part, the bass is fine, the vocal staging is limited and the listening experience is decent.

Vinnfier Neoboom


This Vinnfier Neoboom on the other hand is a portable speaker with a nice configuration as well. You can get two of these to set a stereo speaker setup which is pretty cool. The speaker outputs a total of 40W power and has a bass radiator on the back. As for the connectivity – you can choose to connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and it has other ways to bring your music with you, like USB Port, AUX and MicroSD Card slot. If you want to listen to the daily news and what’s happening in today’s news, it comes with a FM Radio baked right into it.

I like the huge buttons on the top which is pretty easy to press and its just pretty cute so to speak. The two drivers on the front has the capacity to pump out some good sound and the bass radiator does give the song a little bit of bass staging which is nice. Overall, it’s a very decent speaker but chances are you will have to charge it a little often as it only lasts about 6 hours and to charge it you will need a MicroUSB cable. But the decent sound experience makes up for it. So, if you have a laptop with underwhelming speaker or going to an Airbnb for a weekend to get some time off and want to bring a speaker along with you, the Neoboom lets you tune to some nice songs and chill out.

Pricing and Availability

Both the Vinnfier Neoboom and Momento 3 is available for sale as of right now and they are very affordable with the Momento 3 TWS for RM 89 as of the time of writing this review and the Neoboom speaker priced at RM 105, respectively. If you want something simple and just works – these two-product won’t disappoint. 😊

You can click here to purchase the Momento 3 TWS (Shopee) and click here to purchase the Neoboom Speakers.

Lazada – Neoboom: Click Here
Lazada – Momento 3: Click Here

Thanks to Vinnfier for sending these two products for this content to happen.

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