ASUS Malaysia sent us a PC that is not something we cover everyday here at The Adventures of Vesper. We have checked out some cool laptops from them and even MiniPCs. But this desktop is the first and I am glad we got to do it. In the time of the Pandemic which we are all going through right now and with cases surging at levels that’s unfathomable – working from home has become a new norm and to do that, people need machines to work from home. With laptops getting sold out all over the place, the next option will be Desktop PCs. Not everyone has the spending power to opt in for the best of the best, which is where the ASUS S500SA comes to play.

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Form Factor


Generally desktops take up a lot of space but not this one – because the S500SA has a very simple and compact build which you can tuck it away wherever you feel like it – under the monitor, behind or below the desk as it doesn’t take too much of your space. It looks amazingly simple and clean with these ridges finish on the front along side with some front I/O to go with – 4 USB-A Ports, a Headphone and Microphone Jack. As for the whole casing, it is constructed in metal – giving it a robust finish. For what it’s worth, it’s a lot more solid than I thought. Once you remove the side panel, you can see that the PC is well put together and engineered well.

Specification and Upgradability

The specification we received from ASUS for the S500SA is the following – as it’s a simple and easy PC, expect the specification to be simple and nothing to blow your heads off as its here to cover the essential grounds:

  • Intel 10th Generation i5-10400 Processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 630
  • 8GB DDR4 U-DIMM Single Channel RAM
  • 1TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5” HDD

Right after you look at the specification there, the storage brings up a huge red flag because in 2020 with so many machines having SSDs, it’s a little odd and not right to have an HDD storage. There’s a good reason for this because it’s still a cost-effective storage and it may not be the fastest, but it works. But if you plan to upgrade, well – the S500SA does not stop you from doing it.


Once you open the PC, you will notice that it has a 2.5” or 3.5” HDD Slot to add in another HDD or SSD and on the mother board, there is a dedicated M.2 SSD storage option, which means you can use SSD on this machine after all and something I’d totally recommend getting when you purchase this PC. The PC comes with a single stick RAM, but you can upgrade or add another stick into the other slot for some Dual Channel Action. At the bottom you have PCIe Slots to add some extra cards if you want to.


In terms of performance, we covered the important ground with this PC – with tests like Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R20. The scores that have been attained in these benchmark gives you an idea on how basic of a machine it is and that’s the idea because it was meant to cover the basic grounds – which involves tasks like daily browsing, productivity, and such kinds. Even looking at ASUS Official site, the product image has a senior using the PC. It makes sense because people who wants a PC to just do the basic tasks do not need something that is way out of the budget and features that will be underutilized. Now yes, there are certain things which would make any mass users go – “HDD is slow.”.


If you were to look at the bright side, the beauty of a desktop is that you can always upgrade the internals and, in this case, ASUS did not omit options for upgradability down the line. Say if this was a laptop – consumers will be stuck with a machine with truly little option or none to upgrade their RAM, Storage and the list goes on. These kinds of PC also have a strong presence in places where Customer Care or Service is important, that case you can see where these PCs come to play too.  But I will recommend getting an SSD on your way out.


In the sea of all thing pro grade machines, its nice to see simple machines like the S500SA exist because it caters for everyone and anyone, making sure that it covers your work. With the pandemic and how serious it has been for people to tighten their budget to get anything for that matter, its nice to see a machine catered for the budget conscious mass out there. Coming in at RM 2399, it is good deal – and it comes with a Simple keyboard and Mouse included. You can purchase a very affordable monitor like the AOPEN we reviewed not too long ago to complete the setup.