Every time when we get smartphones to review, the fine line from being unique or what makes them different from their competitor is getting blur as day goes by. That kind of isn’t the case with Huawei smartphones in general lately. No matter which Huawei phones we review or even take a look at – despite how affordable it is, what a value for money it is, it always comes to that one reason we just cant seem to recommend the phone at all. Rather than doing a review, we decided to do an opinion piece with this smartphone.

Huawei Y6P: Looks aren’t everything 

Huawei Malaysia was kind enough to send us this phone over and it was about months ago when they did. We were caught up with one too many things (Plus the fact that I am in my final year was a huge factor), it was there – sitting in our pending review, sitting still, and looking pretty. The phone is gorgeous with this emerald green color on the back which shimmers and glimmers under different light. For what its worth, I am glad how far budget phones have come and how premium they feel today. Its all because of brands like Huawei that pushes the boundaries in bringing something for consumers that would make them happy in anyway possible. But looks aren’t everything because that’s the only place this phone shines – when it comes to the specification, it is identical to its former brethren, HONOR 9A.

Under the hood the specification is exactly the same – running the same MediaTek Helio P22 Processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage and finally, 5000mAh battery to last through out the day. The fact that it’s a not-too-shabby-specification is awesome because the Helio Processor isn’t necessarily bad but for the most part, users owning phones like these want the basic essential grounds to be covered and that’s the whole idea of it. Which it does. But even if you factor in all the goodness of the phone – like the triple camera setup, huge battery, decent performance – that’s all it has. To go along with good hardware, you need good software, and we cannot do anything else but to stress enough on it, which is where the mighty Huawei has fallen.

The AppGallery Mess

I have to give credits where its due, because not a lot of brands would be able to cook and come up with something in a short span when this whole chaos happened – with Huawei revoked from accessing Google and so on and this is a very courageous move from Huawei and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed but straight up impressed that they never backed down. But the part where I was disappointed coming from a brand that has been popular – the false claims of said app to be available in their own AppGallery when it was just PWA based (Progressive Web App), convincing users that they wont have any issues in using it and showing consumers with false advertising that they have alternatives to what they used to have but in reality some of them don’t even come close to any of it.

When we did the Matepad Pro review, we loved what it had to offer and not having Play Store on a tablet didn’t matter too much since it felt more like a 2-in-1 once you switch to the EMUI Desktop and that’s it. But its hard to ignore on a phone where android ecosystem heavily relies on Google’s Framework. Every time we try to justify there’s a way to go about, we realized – it works for us because we are well-versed in tech but that doesn’t translate directly to end users who aren’t well versed in tech. At the end of the day, no matter the plethora of steps you give them, they cannot help it but to feel overwhelmed and that’s the reality Huawei must accept and be honest about with end users.


Again, we are not saying, “Don’t purchase Huawei Smartphones” – that’s misconstruing what we have said so far. It’s just that if you are up for the challenge and if you are genuinely okay with going through all of that to get it up and running – then by all means be my guest. For now, all I can hope is that with the change in US Political dynamic, Huawei is allowed to do something and be able to get back Google someway. But even if it doesn’t happen, well – all we can say that Huawei smartphones, be it – the Y6p or any smartphone has gone through nothing but a bittersweet journey.