Earlier today, Disney unveiled their Disney+ Hotstar Streaming service which will be available starting 1st of June in Malaysia. But during the announcement, we had the following information: that is, Disney+ Hotstar is Distributed by Astro in Malaysia and number two, Disney+ Hotstar will also be available through Astro. The very moment readers learned that Astro is involved, they have a lot of confusion and so on – especially this one – where users think that it is mandatory to purchase Astro to use Disney+ Hotstar. You don’t have to people; you really don’t have to.

Disney+ Hotstar comes in 2 Subscription Models

Direct Disney+ Hotstar Plan

If you don’t have Astro and you don’t plan to get one or you really don’t want one, you can subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar through their official site – exactly the same way as how one subscribes to Netflix, Prime Video and other streaming platforms that are currently available in Malaysia. Which means, all you have to do is go to the official site (which is yet to go live with the proper Sign Up and Sign In page, as it will only be available on 1st June), hit the sign up, register with your card and you are done. You can watch it through your PC, Laptop, Streaming Devices and so much more – it’s as simple as that.

For Astro Users

Now if you are a user that owns an Astro, then you get two extra options to watch Disney+ Hotstar – as this is an Add-on Service.

Number 1: If you have a subscription to Astro’s Movie Pack which is a bundle that’s made available for subscribers, you can get your Disney+ Hotstar by paying an extra RM 5 only.

Number 2: If you don’t have a subscription to Astro’s Movie Pack but you want to enroll yourself to Disney+ Hotstar, then you will have to purchase a Pack and then pay for Disney+ Hotstar as an add-on.

In fact, Astro has added a bunch of FAQs – that would need answers which you can either check it out in the images below or click here to read them. That said, you do not need an Astro to be able to use Disney+ Hotstar and you can subscribe to Disney’s very own service on its own. If you do have Astro and want to merge your subscription, then by all means go with that. Hope this cleared the air.

If you want to learn more about Disney+ Hotstar – click here to read more.