• All the goodness brought forward
  • Improved Performance
  • Now has OIS in its Camera
  • Good display and overalls
  • Increase in Price is justifiable


  • A contender to the A72
  • Sluggish Fingerprint Sensor

Honestly, there are too many mid-tier phones in the current market with consumers having variety of options to choose from. Samsung is no exception in that and recently we did an initial impression on the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G – which you can click here to read. Now rather than being an incremental upgrade, the new A52s 5G gets a slight price bump due to its new stuff under the hood and also brings the good stuff from its predecessor. What does that mean then? Well, this is our Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Review and let us share our thoughts.

Diving into Performance

Now, we are diving straight into the performance for the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G for a good reason because its one of the two areas where the phone has an upgrade. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G is what you get here with the A52s 5G, whereas in comparison, its predecessor – the A52 had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G. Now, if you are on the A52 – honestly there isn’t any need for you to change but the performance difference is kind-of staggering – with a 17% difference in single core and close to 35% in multicore performance.

There’s a reason why – now if you were to look into the new 700 processors, the proper successor to the Snapdragon 750G is the 768G. But on the charts, the performance difference is close to non-existent. From the looks of it, Samsung actually thought of giving a better processor with proper better performance difference, albeit it comes with a little increase in the price – which I think is a decent trade-off in a sense.

Obviously, this performance difference isn’t really noticeable to the very eye, especially when you’re using it for daily tasks. So, we tried some games on it to see if the performance and the thermals can put up a good show. So, we proceeded to play one of our favorites: NFS No Limits – unfortunately we couldn’t try Grid as it was not supported. So far, the gaming experience isn’t too shabby and works alright really. Obviously, if you were to try Genshin Impact, which is a pretty graphics intense game – it performs at an acceptable range. It sure isn’t smooth as you’d expect like on a flagship but coming from a mid-tier processor, this performance is far better than we have experienced in the past.


For its camera setup – the phone has a quad camera setup and unlike the Galaxy A72 where three cameras are usable (Ultra-Wide, Wide angle and Telephoto), the A52s 5G has two usable cameras (Ultra-Wide and Wide Angle) and the other two cameras are just 5MPs sensor where one does Depth and the other Macro.

To put it simply, the Ultra-wide-angle camera takes okay pictures but won’t be blowing anyone’s mind as you do pixel peep, the images that come from that sensor lacks details, but this is pretty normal for an Ultrawide sensor. But under lowlight, the performance is pretty decent for a low count Ultra-Wide – again it isn’t the best I have seen but it clearly isn’t the worst. The normal sensor now has an OIS which means taking pictures under conditions where your hands shake or move a lot, well it can be handled well. For the most part, a lot of users aren’t aware but shooting under low light with the help of OIS helps a lot as it takes a while to get an image. That said, most of the images have that slight over sharpening going on with slightly warmer color profile with Samsung’s vibrant color science.

You can try to take pictures zoomed in but remember it doesn’t have a telephoto lens to give true images but instead uses digital zoom to take those close-up pictures and for the most part, you will see the downside of a digital zoom image – blurred images with lack of details.

As for the Rest of the Phone…

Again, we aren’t going to take too much time to talk about things that has been the way it has been since its predecessor – the Samsung Galaxy A52. So, here we are going to list everything good that you are going to get which has been brought forward.

  • Display: Amazing 1080p display that goes up to 120Hz with 800 nits’ brightness which is easier to use under bright light conditions especially under the sun, making it one of the few nicest displays we have seen on a mid-tier, period. It’s on the same class as the Samsung Galaxy A72 we reviewed.
  • Battery: Good 4000mAh battery which can last close to a day, and you don’t have to worry about the phone dying halfway through your day. But one thing to take note is that the higher refresh rate display does use up a lot of battery. So, to prolong the battery life, its better to tone it down to 60Hz and get longer battery life – by up to like 2+ more hours and that’s a lot honestly.
  • Software: 3 Years of promised updates making this mid-tier worthy of every penny and dime as you can get significant OS updates for that said duration.
  • Misc: Pretty decent speakers – and they sound alright.
  • Fingerprint sensor that is still sluggish in terms of performance but in terms of accuracy, it does get it right. Would have been nice to include a physical fingerprint sensor instead of a under display fingerprint sensor for that snappy unlocking mechanism.


To us its pretty simple when we look at a new smartphone that claims to be the successor. Good improvements, bringing forward things that was already good to the new ones, its all acceptable and that’s what the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G does – brings forward the good stuff and sweetens with a new processor and OIS like a cherry on top of a cake. I still am not a huge fan of the fingerprint sensor which I think really needs proper improvements.

That said, does the RM400 price increase justify the phone – in a way, yes. Given with so much of shortage issues manufacturers are facing, it’s a relief that the price increase wasn’t too significant that it’s hard to justify. So, yes – if you are planning to get the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G , go for it. You can gladly skip the non-S variant. But if you are an existing A52 users looking to upgrade, I think there’s no need for it but you can if you want to.

Special Thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing us the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G for making this review happen.