While Oppo has shifted their focus on making premium smartphones for users, but they still make entry and mid-tier smartphones. In fact, they make one of the good-looking ones, but the specification can be a hit and miss, especially when you have other manufacturers going much lower for the price tag. That said, we got the Oppo A95 to take a quick look as to how well the phone has been executed and find out if the RM 1,099 it carries is worth the price tag. So, this is the Oppo A95 quick review.

Pretty Beautiful Phone

If looks matter, then the Oppo A95 does it well at that. If you notice, it does share the same kind of look as the Oppo A74 with the frosted backing. Instead of the grey color, we get Glowing Rainbow Silver, which is what we have here, and Starry Black, which happens to be my favorite but unfortunately, we have not seen it in person.

On the front, the phone is covered in an almost full-view display with a black chin at the bottom which does make the phone look a little dated. Under the display you will find the fingerprint sensor, which is indeed a nice touch, although personally I’d prefer a traditional physical sensor located on the side or the back of a phone.

It’s A74 but with slightly Upgraded Specification

Now, we did mention earlier that we reviewed the Oppo A74 and the specification here is similar to the non-5G variant. The processor, camera layout, display, even the charging standard is essentially the same. The place where you see a slight upgrade is the RAM where the A74 had 6GB but this A95 has 8GB RAM sans the “virtual RAM” which personally, we don’t consider it anywhere close to a RAM. As for storage, it does come with 128GB of internal storage which can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD Card.

The Camera does okay job

To be honest, the camera optics we see here is something we have tried before on their previous Oppo phone, and it does take okay pictures for you to use it for any kind of reason really. I have seen poorly performing cameras from smartphones that are slightly more expensive than this and the picture that comes out of the Oppo A95 is a delight, with well-balanced colors and beautifully maintained composition.

The white does have a warmer and red tone to it which doesn’t seem right but again you can color correct it with the help of Snapseed if you need to. Blacks are nice and crisp with properly captured details, and when you do pixel peep – it’s neat. Obviously, these images aren’t shot at 48MP by default, which is a settings option you will have to turn it on.

The front facing camera on the other hand is a 16MP sensor and if you do plan to take some nice front facing images, just make sure to keep your hands as stable as possible as it does get blurry. Under good light and with the beauty mode turned off, colors are okay, and it doesn’t make my darker complexion look artificial. I give a solid B+ for the camera.

As for the rest…

Fast charging is possible with the help of SuperVOOC 33W that does help you get your battery up to 100 in a short span of time. The battery it comes with is a 5000mAh, so using it beyond a day is possible. Not to forget, the AMOLED display on this phone hits a maximum 800 nits if needed which is considered more than good for a mid-tier and colors are neat.

Is the Oppo A95 worth purchasing though?

That’s the question I had from the get-go since the day Oppo passed us the phone to review it. Like I mentioned earlier, the Oppo A95 shares lots of similarities with the A74 which again has the same processor, battery, Flash Charge, Display, and the only difference being the 2GB less RAM. At RM 1099 if this phone had been launched before the A74, chances are, I’d totally recommend it. You can click here to even check out their own comparison chart which you can find on the site.

I would personally say this, the extra RM 200 for an extra 2GB RAM doesn’t justify the increase in price and it feels weird to see the same phone be rebranded higher. I am not saying it’s a bad phone, the Oppo A95 is a nice phone but I’d say – save the RM 200 and get the Oppo A74 which is a better buy and a better value through and through, assuming the experience isn’t too far off.

Special thanks to Oppo Malaysia for sending us the Oppo A95 for us to review.