• 32" QHD Display, a good one at that
  • The fact that it's VA Panel, blows our mind
  • Good array of connectivity for that Couch Potato experience
  • Well priced and hard to come by something this good
  • Acer Display Widget controls to manage the brightness is better


  • The stand has limited versatility
  • The button controls take some learning curve

We love checking monitors out. In fact, we believe a good experience to your PC setup begins with two crucial things: Display and Audio. For audio, stay tuned. But this time we are looking at another Monitor – specifically one of Acer’s new addition to their monitor line-up and it’s the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor. At RM 1,300 – have we found a good gaming monitor with all the bells and whistles one wants? Here’s our final verdict on it.

A Simple looking Monitor


To start off, the design of the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor isn’t anything out of the world. While their more gaming centric “Predator” gets all the goods of being truly unique of a monitor piece on table, this Acer monitor doesn’t have a special design that blows your mind out. With no red accents to even hint that it could be a gaming monitor, this particular Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor serves as a good addition on to any kind of desk setup: be it gaming or work.

We have some familiar design cues, like for instance the stand and the I/O cover is the same as some OEMs in the market that sells similar 32” monitors. We aren’t too sure if it’s the exact same monitor but from the looks of it, there are some specification discrepancies with this Acer monitor coming out as the better one.

You’d want a Desk Stand for this Monitor for Versatility

The stand of the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor isn’t versatile at all. Once you do attach to the display, that is it. You get a simple tilt up and down adjustment. Otherwise, if you think the monitor is positioned too low, you will have to get a separate monitor stand to put the Acer monitor on top. Better yet, you could get a VESA Mount and mount this to an arm, mounted to your desk which is a better choice – as it saves the precious space of your table.

The 4 Inputs for Display with Auto-Input Detect is Amazing

For those with many devices to connect to one monitor would love the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor. Unlike other monitor we have tried and played with, not only the Acer has 4 different inputs: 2x HDMI 2.0 and 2x DisplayPort and a 3.5mm Combo Jack but it also has the ability to behave like a TV.

Unlike any other monitor, the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor is capable of auto-detecting which device is sending that display signal and switches to it after it scans. In my case, I connected my PS5 through the HDMI port and my PC through the DisplayPort. After I was done using my PC and turning my PS5 on, the switch happened seamlessly.

This means, you can indeed kick back and relax as you play your favourite title. I am glad this exists because the on-board Monitor control is a chore as it uses “buttons” instead of a Joystick. While it is pretty okay to use, going through the buttons can be a hassle.


But to overcome this, you could install the Acer Display Widget on your Windows machine to control the display through software. Not something you see on a “budget” friendly monitor.

Subtle Curve and maybe you’ll Like it

I have said this many-a-times in my previous reviews, that I am not a huge fan of curved monitors as it obstructs the view. As a content creator, it doesn’t sit well, especially editing some videos or photos. But say if you are not really someone who heavily relies on editing tools often or can live with the compromises, I’d say this display sure does hit the right spot in many ways.

To be honest, in the two weeks of using the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor, I’d say that the curve didn’t bother me as much as the stand did with its limited adjustability. As someone who loves a bigger display, this was a nice sight to let my eyes have a nice treat. So, the subtle curve is a huge factor as some may not like it.

32” is sweet, QHD+ is sweeter

Speaking of the display being a nice “visual” treat, the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor is equipped with the following panel:

  • 5” 16:9 Aspect Ratio Curved VA panel
  • WQHD Resolution
  • 165Hz Refresh rate with 1ms Response Time
  • Maximum brightness of 400 cd/m2

As someone who comes from a Quantum Dot Display Monitor, this Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor caught me by surprise with its amazing quality VA Panel. When I say in reviews that VA panels have come a long way, this display is the perfect example for that. With the LED Backlight and the nice quality panel, it’s almost indistinguishable from an IPS display of this size. Unless you put it side by side, of course. Otherwise, consumers who plans to get this, shouldn’t stop at just seeing the “VA” term on the spec sheet.

The brightness is quite alright and if you are sitting near a window where the sun shines through, the anti-glare coating does help a fair bit. Otherwise, the colours are quite okay and with the AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR, you can properly take advantage of HDR. In our case, we used our NVIDIA GPU to run this display under Adaptive Sync which works well, and you don’t see any of that screen tearing but there are little instances where ghosting is present.

Even looking past all of that, there was good colour uniformity, no defective pixels and relatively alright viewing angles. This monitor did the right thing with the display and for someone who was sceptical if it could put up a good show, the Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor did prove me wrong.


At RM 1300 price point…

I’d say, Acer compromised at the right parts to make this 32” inch monitor, not just affordable but be the better display one could rely on. While my biggest gripe with this display would be the stand, which you will have to fork out extra hundreds to get a good desk mount stand or save by spending a hundred on a physical monitor stand.

None the less, this Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor surprised me a lot. Plus, for those cable management freaks out there (myself included), there are no power bricks to deal with. One cord and you’re done. Acer EI322QUR 32 Inch Curved Monitor has good pros that really overweighs the cons and for that we give this monitor a Vesper Choice Award.