Being one of the “privileged” PS5 owners, I have to say the experience with the console and how next generation games are, it’s amazing. But there are times where you’d want to kick back and take a normal remote, use it to enjoy some entertainment. While the DualSense can do exactly that, there’s a reason why I purchased the Sony PS5 Media Remote. In fact, do a review on it as well.

A Very Simple, User-Friendly Remote


To put it side-by-side, it’s obvious that the Sony PS5 Media Remote is a simple and user friendly remote. Whereas the DualSense, which it can do pretty much the same function, exists as a console controller. Now, generally users are quite alright to use the control for these kinds of tasks. But say if you have the PS5 hooked up as the main device for all things gaming and entertainment, chances are, you’d want other members in the family to have a user-friendly remote that doesn’t overwhelm them.

Sony PS5 Media Remote

In this case, the Sony PS5 Media Remote does exactly that. Giving users the right kind of remote at hand to be able to control the interface, and mostly entertainment stuff.

Binds to your TV in an Interesting way

The Sony PS5 Media Remote uses an interesting mechanism to pair. You will have to head to the Settings > Accessories> Media Remote to set it up. Once you do that, you will see on screen to press two buttons to pair the remote to the console. Everything happens seamlessly. The remote is capable of doing more than controlling the PS5. In fact, with the help of the HDMI port, it controls the TV via the HDMI ARC functionality.

So, regardless of which model of TV you are using – the remote will bind based on the model and you could use the Volume Control, TV button, Mute and so on. A rather versatile remote to streamline the whole experience. Unfortunately, when we tried this out, we were using it on our monitor. This is also where we thought the Sony PS5 Media Remote made more sense for a setup like this.

But Makes More Sense for a Desktop Setup

Setting the PS5 in a corner and wanting to kick back in our chair to watch some shows or movie on streaming platforms was all I needed. And the remote made more sense for a Desktop setup. Plugging the PS5 onto a monitor like the one we have here, which can Auto-Detect the input, is an absolute bliss. So, while your controller is charging, you can use the remote.

Better yet, these remotes connect via Bluetooth and uses AA batteries. So, it shouldn’t be a big of a deal to replace them or worry that the battery is running out.

The Quick Shortcuts aren’t “re-programmable”

Other than the multimedia buttons on the controller, the 4 buttons at the bottom are quick shortcuts to some of the popular services available on PS5. But what’s disappointing is that, how Malaysia doesn’t have the proper Disney+ but instead has Hotstar, which isn’t available in PS OS. Making matters worse, these buttons are impossible to reprogram to use it for some other app that’s available in Malaysia, such as Apple TV+ or Prime Video.

Now it can be made available through an update, but I doubt Sony is going to do that – but one could hope for it.


Should you even buy one at all?

The reason as to why we purchased the Sony PS5 Media Remote, is not just for us to do a quick review of the remote but to see if it is something one should buy for their console. Given that most of the TVs the PS5 is going to connect to, are Smart TV which comes with an OS of its own and also has the same application on it. That defeats the purpose to purchase a remote of this caliber. But if you are one that has their PS5 connected to their Monitor with other consoles and PC, then chances are this remote is going to be a good addition to your setup.

So, when you are done with work or play or even classes, you can take the remote, hit that PS button and watch some shows, just like that. The Sony PS5 Media Remote is retailing for RM 149 but you can find it at cheaper prices, so make sure to keep your eyes out and about if you do want to get one.

Buy it: If you need a better friendly remote for everyone to use at ease.
Don’t Buy it: If no one else but you are going to use the console and the controller is more than enough for you.