Endel has collaborated with Sony to bring Endel’s wellness soundscapes to Sony’s Linkbuds Series, weaving Endel into listeners’ everyday activities, and improving their wellbeing.

Endel and Sony collabs with the Linkbuds

The LinkBuds series features “Quick Access,” which allows you to configure the headphones to return to your last Endel soundscape with a few taps.

Sony Linkbuds

Because of the LinkBuds series’ “Auto Play” feature, their built-in sensors and unique algorithm can detect what you’re doing—a conversation, a walk in the park—and trigger the appropriate Endel Focus or Relax experience for the moment.

Endel makes effective functional audio. Endel’s approach is informed by science: the app takes into account users’ heart rates, circadian rhythms (where they are in the sleep/wake cycle), and movement.

It uses specific audio characteristics to help with focus, relaxation, or sleep by masking some sounds and enhancing and providing others. According to one study, Endel’s Focus experiences were 7 times more effective in maintaining focus than static playlists. Users were able to focus on a task for 95% of the listening time.

Artists such as James Blake’s Wind Down, Grimes’ AI Lullaby, and Plastikman’s Deeper Focus have also worked with Endel to create adaptive experiences. Endel subscribers can use Endel on iOS, Android, macOS, Amazon Alexa, wearables, and Apple TV in addition to their earbuds.

Sony Linkbuds S

Both the Linkbuds and the new Linkbuds S earbuds work with the Endel app; the Linkbuds S work now while the Linkbuds will work soon with the app via an update coming some time this month. Endel is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Alexa. Linkbuds users can get one month free when they download Endel using the link here.