Hot on the heels of the ROG Phone 6 Series launch, ASUS has unveiled a slew of new earbuds and headphones as well. These include the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro, Cetra True Wireless, Delta S Wireless, and Delta S Core.

ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro and Cetra True Wireless

ASUS says that the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro is the first in the world to come with ESS Quad DAC and AI Noise-Canceling Microphone for amazing sound and clear communication. The ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro can also be used either via Bluetooth or wired USB-C via the bundled USB-C cable with an in-line audio optimiser. This is useful for those who aren’t fans of wireless earbuds for gaming.

The in-line audio optimiser is equipped with an ESS 9280 DAC that is hi-fi-grade that can produce lossless audio processing. It can also provide a 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio which allows gamers to determine the direction of enemy footstep or weapon fire more accurately.

The ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro also includes Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound technology for low-latency connection and 24-bit, 96 kHz music streams. For an even lower latency connection, the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro comes with a Gaming Mode 45 ms performance when you fire up a game on your ROG Phone 6.

The ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro also touts ANC capabilities as well as an integrated AI Noise-Canceling Microphone which ASUS says “reduces over 500 million types of background noise up to 95%”.  The ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro is also splash-proof with an IPX4 classification.

As for the ROG Cetra True Wireless, the earbuds come with low-latency wireless audio and Hybrid ANC capabilities. It also features a 27-hour battery life that supports fast charging and wireless charging. It also features IPX4 splash-proof classification.

Delta S Wireless and Delta S Core

The ROG Delta S Wireless comes with dual-mode connectivity in that it can connect via Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity. It is also the first ROG wireless headset to come with such a feature. The Delta S Wireless also comes with concealed AI Beamforming Microphones with AI Noise Cancelation that targets a 40° area in front of the user’s mouth. The microphones are capable of blocking 95% of outside noise for clearer voice communication.

The ROG Delta S Wireless also touts a 50 mm ASUS Essence driver in each ear cup that is tilted 12° degrees for better sound performance. The headphones also utilise a special airtight chamber design and ROG Hyper-Grounding technology for more stable and purer audio quality.

The ROG Delta S Core meanwhile is the little brother of the Delta S Wireless and is a lightweight wired gaming headset. It weighs in at just 270g, comes equipped with 50 mm ASUS Essence drivers and includes virtual 7.1 surround sound. The Delta S Core also has a Discord- and TeamSpeak-certified boom microphone and uses a 3.5mm headphone jack that is compatible with PC, Mac, mobile devices and consoles such as PS5, Xbox Series X and S as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Price and availability

The ROG Cetra True Wireless retails for RM515 while the ROG Delta S Wireless retails for RM899 and the ROG Delta S Core retails for RM388. The ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro’s retail will be revealed at a later date. In the meantime, you can check out our review of the brand new ROG Phone 6 right here.