Thing about Visual product is that, as much as the listing may look appealing on site or the online store, the lack of hands-on experience can tense up the situation. In a way that it would take a while to checkout. But if you ever plan to purchase any of ViewSonic’s offering and want to get a look before you hit the buy button, you can now do so at the ViewSonic Studio. But along side with that, they have announced two new projectors as well.

ViewSonic Studio

ViewSonic LS500WHE and LS550WHE

ViewSonic Studio - LS Projector

These are the new LED projectors from ViewSonic, 3rd generation to be specific. They are designed to meet the current demanding situation. To keep up with that, it comes with the right kind of specification: for colour accuracy, it hits 125% of the Rec.709 and given that it’s LED, it eliminates lamp and maintenance entirely from the equation.

The LS500WHE is a normal projector whereas the LS550WHE is the short-throw projector with a short-throw lens, ideal for smaller space. We wrote about the projectors in a different article, which you can click here to read it.

ViewSonic Education

The ViewSonic Studio isn’t just limited to projectors. They showcase their role in educational sectors with the Edtech Solutions combined with the ViewSonic ViewBoard and myViewBoard learning interface suite. Given that they have acquired a good 43.5% of market share in Malaysia in Q1 of 2022, this instills the confidence for the brand, that they will be expanding further into many more classrooms.

With software solutions, which comes right from ViewSonic with SCALE-UP, makes the board interactive and intuitive for students and teachers to have the right kind of learning experience. A fun one at that.

If you do plan to check out ViewSonic’s Hybrid Ecosystem, you can click here to do so.