It’s no surprise that Robot Vacuum in general has extremely limited resources to work with when it commences its cleaning job all around the house. It doesn’t matter how small or big your house sq. ft can be, it sure is a concern. While vacuuming the room or the entire house may not be a deal breaker, it’s the mopping that usually requires more attention. Roborock understood the assignment and launched the Roborock G10, so in this review we are going to talk about it.

Roborock G10 Review

Let’s talk about the Dock


The Dock that comes with the Roborock G10 is different from what you’d see with the S7 Ultra’s Dock as it has both water and dust collection for you consistently and let the vacuum do its work.


What this dock does is focuses primarily on just the mopping element. Now the moment you do lift the top up, you will notice it has two specific containers and smart enough, Roborock included the instructions on the lid when you lift open to see what it is all about.


The one on the left is the dirty water tank and we have the clean water tank on the right. You might wonder, why does the G10 even have a dirty tank when the vacuum is going to use up the water when it is mopping.

So, the thing is, this tank system helps you save the precious time to wash the mopping mat, which is attached to the bottom of the vacuum, when its docked. Once it has been washed, the water will then get transferred into the Dirty Water Tank. Interestingly, the clean water isn’t just used for washing but also to fill up the tank of the Vacuum. So, to put it simply, the whole thing comes to a full circle, and I have to say it works well, which we will talk about later.

The Vacuum looks familiar…




The moment we unboxed and saw the Roborock G10 Vacuum unit, we realized we have seen this somewhere before. In fact, it looked exactly like the S7 MaxV we reviewed a while ago. Unfortunately, Roborock doesn’t have a proper product page in English that gives us more answers. Although there are hints of S7 around the vacuum, starting off with the VibraRise text on the side, the new updated top design sans the matte finishing and the LIDAR system in the front.

The specification we received from Roborock also gave hints of it being the S7 as the suction power is exactly the same at 2500Pa and the Sonic Mopping. But even if it is or isn’t, after talking to Roborock, they confirmed that it isn’t the same as there are some minor changes made to this to make it more appropriate for the G10. So, there you have it. But again, there are similarities. Unfortunately, if you think getting the S7 and the dock separately is a better idea, it isn’t, as the Roborock G10 dock is not sold separately.

It’s a Mop Prioritized Vacuum


So, how has been our mopping experience with the Roborock G10? Surprisingly good I’d say. In fact, I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to constantly go and check on the tank or deal with prompts on my phone about filling the water up. Just like their previous vacuums, the mopping intensity can be adjusted via the app to your liking. That combined with the Sonic Mopping technology which vibrates 3000 times per minute to scrub off the stubborn stains on the ground as much as it can and do its magic to lift when it needs to, and commence its work is a chef’s kiss.

There are some things that you do have to do manually, like for instance, wiping the contact point for the Vacuum to charge but it’s all right as the vacuum strategically moves the contact point from the bottom to the side of the bumper to make sure no water affects the whole electrical unit. Make sure to keep a clean area with no obstacles for the vacuum to get to the dock. Even the smallest object that gets in the G10’s way tends to make the vacuum act like a damsel in distress.

Now, Roborock highlighted their new Rubber Brush on the bottom – this is extremely important because it makes a difference given that this is a Mop Prioritized Vacuum. When you have normal plastic bristle which we have had with pretty much every vacuum we have seen in existence, it definitely works, and it sure does have a wear and tear label to it. But what people miss out is the fact that it lacks the efficiency to clean the ground properly. In this Roborock G10’s case, it focuses on mopping and that means, it needs a more efficient bristle that does work well and play with water on the ground.

So, on the bottom you will notice, the blade-like sweeper has proper blade like extension to work well on wet situations. So, does the dust sucking vacuum head which is now entirely in rubber and not a bristle brush to be seen in sight. But this brings up the question, how efficient it is when it does the whole dust vacuuming and sweeping other than the mopping.

What about Dust Vacuuming?


Despite the lower Pa, if you run like two times to vacuum your room or your house, it’s all right. The reason I do say two times is that it does tend to miss certain spots at times. But the nicest thing about Roborock is easily the software, which is a cherry on top of the cake. Good software support and the versatility to control the vacuum however you want it, makes up for a lot of things.

So far, the manoeuvrability of the Vacuum is as similar to the Roborock S7 MaxV sans the dock which I personally use to clean my home and my room. Now yes, while it does have the ability to 3D Map the whole room, it isn’t entirely the same as the LIDAR system which I love with the S7 MaxV and that’s all right. Sure, there are some corners one must cut corners to keep the price tag irresistible. But to Roborock’s credit, they managed to equip with hardware that’s reliable and save some dimes at areas that doesn’t matter a lot.

Unfortunately, cleaning the dustbin in the vacuum is going to be manual but that’s all right. Oh, and while this isn’t a part of the Dust Vacuuming, I must address the fact that the new mechanism to attach the mopping mat is genius. None of that “plate removing” thing, as if you are performing a major overhaul in a car.


Truth be told, the Roborock G10 is a unique proposition of a vacuum because it takes mopping seriously. But that’s the thing, it’s so important that I don’t reach out to my physical mop to deal with things when the water runs out because it has a proper system in its dock. Not to forget it’s well engineered. Sure, it’s not going to be on par with the likes of your flagship segment vacuum like the S7 MaxV Ultra, but I can best bet, this Roborock G10 is actually going to be many homeowners first Premium Robot Vacuum.

At the price of RM 3999, it’s a desirable choice and if I didn’t have the S7 MaxV, this is what I’d buy with my hard-earned money. For that, we give this Roborock G10, the Silver Vesper Choice Award for being a consumer-friendly price tag with a focus on an element that other brands tend to miss out on – mopping.