For Those Who Dare,” an ambitious new film featuring ROG ambassadors and their pursuit of excellence, has been announced by ASUS Republic of Gamers. Despite featuring a real ring of fire and high-flying skateboard tricks, the video was shot in London with no stunt doubles. Soon, ROG will also release a behind-the-scenes look at “For Those Who Dare.”

For Those Who Dare

“For Those Who Dare” features five ambassadors: actor Asa Butterfield, skateboarder Nyjah Huston, basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns, DJ Alan Walker, and ROG’s newest addition, footballer Son Heung-Min.

When these ROG ambassadors go to work every day, they face anticipation, expectations, stage fright, and potential injury, and the film uses unique imagery and stunts to examine how these all-stars overcome their anxieties. The film depicts how individuals gain strength by daring to overcome their fears.

The film, which was shot in London with the help of the production company The Mill, employs practical effects such as a gasoline-fueled ring of fire and skateboard jumps over a 7-foot razor-wire-lined fence to demonstrate how far ROG’s ambassadors are willing to go in pursuit of excellence. They truly are Those Who Dare.

Special talents were required behind the scenes for ROG’s most ambitious film project yet. The Mill is a global creative agency, production company, and brand partner. ROG saw themselves as ideal for the role of tackling this massive project because they were trusted specialists in Visual Effects, Creative Production, and Experience Design. The Mill has also worked on feature films such as “Gladiator,” for which they received an Academy Award.