Now that we are in November (as of the time of writing this, not when you read), Magic The Gathering embarks on a new installation – and that’s MTG The Brothers War – the story that happens after Dominaria United. We did a whole write-up about the story and so on, which you can click here to read it. But if you happen to live in Malaysia and plan to get your hands on one, here’s a quick TL; DR as to what to expect and other promos for SEA. 

MTG The Brothers’ War Malaysia

A Quick TL; DR

To give a quick TL; DR: In Dominaria United, there was a devastating Phyrexian Invasion which happened to be a big chaos in the universe. So, Teferi, the Planeswalker sets to go back in time, specifically to a time when the biggest battle between two legendary brothers happened. They go by the name, Urza and Mishra. 

MTG The Brothers War also goes by the name Antiquities War, which is a conflict that smashed the plane of Dominaria with titanic mechs, colossal dreadnaughts, and magical warfare. Since the whole plane is intertwined in mech-related warfare, this entire expansion heavily focuses on artifacts.

Here’s a quick summary given by Wizards of the Coast:

Amidst the devastating Phyrexian invasion, Planeswalker Teferi seeks answers in the past through the legend of a bitter rivalry between two brothers, Urza and Mishra. The Brothers War, known also as the ‘Antiquities War’, was a conflict that shattered the plane of Dominaria with titanic mechs, colossal dreadnaughts and magical warfare, inciting a series of events that shaped the future of the entire Multiverse.

First depicted in Magic’s second-ever expansion set released in 1994, ‘Antiquities’, The Brothers’ War reveals the sibling rivalry as not so much a tale of ‘good vs. evil’ as the legends depict.

With the plane entrenched in mech warfare, The Brothers’ War is a set heavily focused on artifacts. Among these include Powerstones, colourless artifact tokens first introduced in Dominaria United that can be tapped for additional mana that cannot be used on non-artifact spells.

Prototype, another mechanic seen on artifact creatures, is an alternate cost for giant mechs, allowing them to enter the battlefield for less mana but with less power, toughness, and abilities.

The Brothers’ War also re-introduces fan-favourite mechanics such as Meld, a keyword that combines two cards to create one oversized card, and Unearth, which allows cards to return from the graveyard, with the cost of it being exiled at the end of the turn.

ICYMI: Universes Beyond with Transformers












Unlike Warhammer 40K which is one of the recent Universes Beyond expansions that existed as a standalone set, The Brothers’ War is the first set to incorporate Universe Beyond into it. More specifically, the Transformers. So, play with your favorite Autobots or Decepticons in the game as a Commander if you want to. There are two different cards, the normal Transformers, and the Shattered Universe which you see above that are only available through the Collectors Boosters. The normal ones can be found through the Set Boosters. 

The Brothers War SEA Promo

Just like how things were with Dominaria United, Magic the Gathering is releasing a new set of limited-edition token collectibles – “Construct” and “Urzan Automaton”. 

MTG The Brothers War Malaysia

These tokens are the first two of a three-part series set, with varied transparency of the MTG The Brothers’ War Battlefield Mural. These cards can be connected to the three-part tokens released with Dominaria United. Customers are entitled to one token only, with a purchase of at least RM 450 of The Brothers’ War product. 

We mentioned that these tokens will be a SEA Promo and that includes the following countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Pre-Order Information

If you are based in Malaysia, there are stores where you can pre-order The Brothers’ War like Cards and Hobbies, Classroom 1.0, Classroom 2.0, and a few other places. So, check out at your nearest store located to you. As for the release date, these cards will be made available in Malaysia starting 18th November 2022. 

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