The trend to go bigger in the display is getting more and more apparent and Acer is playing its cards right by offering the all-new Acer Swift 14 with thoughtful improvements over its last generation Swift, which was called the Acer Swift 5 (2022). Here’s a close look at the CES 2023 Acer Swift 14.

CES 2023 Acer Swift 14

While there isn’t a drastic change in its design when you look at it, the Acer Swift 14’s design was refreshed last year – so it doesn’t look dated, at least not yet. The nice subtle colours with the Acer logo on the top and a gold/copper-colour trim at the bottom accentuate the laptop to stand out – boy, it is pretty. What did change is the material it’s made from. Now the Acer Swift 14 is made out of aerospace-grade aluminium which will be made available in two different colours: Mist Green or Steam Blue. Not to forget, the laptop only weighs 1.2kg and it’s 14.95mm thin – fits the definition of thin and light with no issues.

Other things we have seen before with their predecessor make their appearance here as well: such as the nice keyboard with a beautiful font on it, the OceanGlass Touchpad made out of recycled plastic from the ocean, a decent number of ports on both sides and the Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass coating.

The Display

Acer Swift 14

The Acer Swift 14 comes with a choice of 2 displays but with both touchscreen-enabled, so you’d be happy either way. The 14” display comes with the resolution of WQXGA (2560×1600) or WUXGA (1920×1200), depending on what you opt-in for. Just like the Swift 5, this laptop has the same 16:10 aspect ratio which happens to be a favourite as it gives better vertical real estate and when you do split your screen, you have some properly sized windows.

The camera of the Acer Swift 14 has been upgraded to a 1440p QHD camera. With their TNR technology, Acer PurifiedVoice and dual speakers enhanced with DTS audio – you are pretty much covered for your con calls.

Specification Changes for 2023

Since it’s 2023 already, you get specifications suited for 2023 as well. The Acer Swift 14 is now powered by 13th Generation Intel Core H Series Processors and in fact, it’s Evo Verified as well. To top that, Intel has integrated a new feature, if you will. That’s the Intel Unison. Now, we all know how Link to Windows works and I use it with my desktop and my laptop. Intel Unison is supposed to do the same – allowing users to collaborate on not just one platform but multiple OSes with very productivity-centric features. While Intel’s site is still vague about it – it is still something that we need to wait for to see what’s the “highlight” in a real-world situation.


One of my biggest surprises is that the Swift 14 doesn’t get the OLED treatment as the Swift 3 which we are in the process of reviewing. We did ask Acer Malaysia all about it and their answer as to why they want to keep some laptops the way it is, for now, is pretty smart. It’s to avoid any issues with production down the line and OLED does drive the cost up in a certain way, “So, the easiest way to go about this is by offering the best hardware we know that works best and giving that to the consumers.”

For what it’s worth, the Acer Swift 14 is on the right track with a new name that’s a lot less confusing, better-improved build quality that can put up with your busy life, light enough to carry it anywhere and new specifications to keep up with all that heavy productivity task. This is all we can say, for now, we will talk more about the performance when we do get the chance, sooner or later.