We have done pretty much every story on GWM Auto Shanghai 2023 launch where they have released a good lineup of cars under a variety of brands. That said, one question that has been popping up quite frequently is the design choice of the ORA Iconic Egg design through and through. That said, Andrew Dyson, the VP of Design for GWM and ORA shared his take and thought process that went into designing what it is.

ORA Iconic Egg Design

GWM as a whole has been moving forward with NEVs which we have seen so far, and one of the important aspects happens to be creating beautiful designs which go synonymously with their “Go with more” proposition. Andrew Dyson introduced the “Life and Energy” Design Philosophy, which brings two other concepts – Eternity and Strong emotion, into its design choice. This leads to making a car that showcases its authentic beauty as it stands the test of time, giving the uplift the brand needs for its image with the public.

The ORA design team at GWM found inspiration in things that symbolize timeless beauty, peace, and vitality – which led them in choosing an “egg”, which is a pretty simple and powerful symbol to express these concepts. The ORA EGG Design now represents the “aesthetic of life”. Design happens to be a crucial factor which influences how consumers resonate with the design and own it later.

This then led the ORA Design team to take the initiative by creating a unique design that meets the needs and wants of potential consumers opting in for New Energy Vehicles like these. Andrew Dyson revealed that GWM’s secret is to use an innovative design language that reflects the consumer’s personality and focuses on their experience.

Andrew Dyson says,

“An egg has a perfect and exquisite structure, along with a perfect curve in nature. Its convex surface can resist a force 120 times its weight. Inspired by the egg-shaped curve and the principle of dispersed force on the eggshell, our design team created a solid and elegant body structure for safety and beauty. The ORA design team used these concepts to make models that show creativity and personality.”

This ended up inspiring the egg shape for all ORA models, current and future cars. These design cues can be seen on the front fenders and round-shaped headlamps of ORA cars. On the back of these ORA, it has much more graceful curves that add to the design. At this point, it’s safe to say that every part of this car touts a round shape on the instrument panel, integrated door panels and seats, which are made with eco-friendly materials.

The interior design aims to create a feeling of freedom and calmness, in line with ORA’s commitment to making their cars a cosy space to relax and unwind – as to what Andrew Dyson highlighted. The brand is not only inheriting the essence of past designs but is also striving to innovate its design philosophy with consumer experience at its core. There’s a good chance that we will see more diverse design languages from their upcoming lineup of vehicles.

PS. Honestly, I don’t know about you, but GWM sure did go above and beyond to research an egg to find such an immaculate way of life with their design.