Computex 2023 is pretty much the place for some of the new launches. While this year may not be the year where we got to see some of the major announcements, we did see some interesting products at the ASUS booth which we wanted to do a quick compilation on – so here’s the Computex 2023 ASUS booth products that caught our attention.

Computex 2023 ASUS

Hey, a new ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard and Mouse

Computex 2023 ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard

The ASUS Marshmallow Mouse and Keyboard set is a pretty chic looking peripheral who wants to add some colour to their desk setup. The ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 is more suited for daily use case scenarios and it supports any OS out of the box – we are talking Windows, ChromeOS, MacOS, iOS and even iPadOS. It has a 1.6mm key travel with two-level adjustable kickstands. The typing experience on this is a lot silent all thanks to the foam layer inside of it. Since it connects via Bluetooth, you can switch between devices pretty easily.

There’s also the ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 which has a silent press, which claims to last up to 10 million clicks. For customizability the top cover is magnetic, so swapping it is pretty easy and supports up to 1600DPI with support for Bluetooth and 2.4G connectivity.

The Colourful ASUS VU Monitors

ASUS made some funky-looking monitors in 4 different colours – and in two different sizes – 23.8” or 27” but both displays come at a 1080p Full HD resolution. Given that it has a 100Hz refresh rate and uses IPS Panel, this monitor doesn’t seem so shabby for simple use-case scenarios. On the back of the monitor, you will find the usual HDMI port and a Type-C which does DP Alt Mode and even perform 15W USB Power Delivery.

What makes this monitor interesting is the choice of material they have used – which is 85% PCR and Halogen-free PCBs. In fact the packaging is said to be made out of 100% paper as well. Not going to lie, these monitors are a good match for the funky-looking Vivobooks we have seen so far.

There’s an ASUS ProArt Cinema Micro LED Display too!

We finally got to see the 135” ASUS ProArt Cinema Micro LED Display which is just absolutely stunning to look at. This happens to be their 4K HDR monitor which hits a whopping 2000-nits peak brightness, high contrast and 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut for the best viewing experience possible. The pixel pitch on this monitor is at 0.7815mm, making it a whole lot smaller than your conventional Micro LED displays at 1.2 to 1.5mm pixel pitch. Best part? This display is fully scalable for different sizes and different aspect ratios.

They Finally made a USB-C Display Dock with Ports

Took them a long, given that ASUS has had many USB-C-only laptops and now that they have included more ports, they thought it was the right time to make a USB-C dock. But you know what, better late than never This USB-C Display Dock has the potential to output to up to 3 different displays – 4K displays via HDMI, USB-A and C. The USB-C is capable of doing 10 Gbps data transfer and since this dock has a dedicated DC IN port to power it up, it also provides up to 90W fast charging to Laptops.

These are some of the products we got to witness at the ASUS booth in Computex 2023. Do check out our other content where we got to see laptops, healthcare and keyboards from other brands at Computex 2023.

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