Computex 2023 Varmilo Minilo 75 Keyboard

Other than the usual names that are known for their amazing mechanical keyboards which we covered from Computex 2023, Varmilo is a name that goes synonymously with mechanical keyboards. In fact, they are known for their artisanal take on making extremely beautiful keyboards. But this year at Computex 2023, Varmilo Minilo 75 happens to be the talk of the town because not only it looks cute and comes in a 75% profile but it is the first keyboard that features its own Varmilo Switches.

Computex 2023 Varmilo Minilo 75 Keyboard

Computex 2023 Varmilo Minilo 75 Keyboard

The Varmilo Minilo 75 is a cutie-patootie of a keyboard which comes in this pretty pastel colour finish and is only available in the 75% profile. Now that’s a decent size as you do get access to your dedicated arrow keys, function rows and even some specific shortcut keys on the right side. But that said, the keyboard is well built from the ground up – with silicon bottom pad, gasket mounting, PC plates, IXPE Pads under the switch, proper case foams, and uses double-shot ABS keycaps.

What makes the Varmilo Minilo 75 Keyboard stand apart are the switches it uses – the Varmilo Switches. We got to experience the different types of switches they had, which amounted to up to 7 different types but in different configurations. We played with Sakura which happens to be a linear switch that had 45g of actuation force and is more similar to your Red switches. Now they have redesigned the stems to a “square” shape which gives better stabilization. It’s not the first time we have seen it as other switch manufacturers are doing the same as well.

There is the Daisy which is another Linear switch but has a lighter 35g of actuation force and has a rather clean sound finish and is smooth to type on. Violet is similar to Cherry Brown but with better stabilization and claims to be smoother. We can’t quite remember how the other switches felt, however, one of them felt exactly like a Cherry MX Blue switch. For the most part, the experience of these switches seems to be pretty nice and definitely worth trying.

Varmilo has made a hot-swappable wired version of the same keyboard where you can use different switches instead. Other than that, the keyboard we saw and tried is capable of three different connectivity modes – wired via USB-C, followed by Bluetooth and 2.4G Wireless connectivity. It houses a built-in 3000mAh battery which can be charged and without the backlight turned on, it claims to last for more than 20 days.

Price-wise, the Varmilo Minilo 75 Keyboard ranges from USD$ 130-150 depending on the choice of switch you opt-in for. There’s no news on if it’s going to be available in Malaysia soon, but for that – make sure to stay tuned to us.

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