Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65

Mechanical keyboards have a huge fanbase all over the world, and when brands can say that Malaysia is one of their prime focus markets, it only goes to show we just might get first dibs on this clacky-or-thocky-goodness. Speaking of first dibs, we had the chance to play with the Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65 at Computex 2023 and this is going head-on with what Glorius has and you know what, it seems like a better option. (At least to me, don’t get your pitchforks and come after me.)

Computex 2023 Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65

Computex 2023 Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65

The Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65 is their take on making a premium DIY keyboard for those enthusiasts aiming to make their keyboard, theirs. This has been the trend lately with the choice to choose a frame, and so on but most of the options are limited to just by certain amount of steps. Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65 takes it to a whole other level.

Users get to change the materials from the outside to the inside. So, you get a PCB-mounted stabilizer for good switch compatibility, followed by a hot-swappable design and a south-facing switch design. It also supports QMK and VIA functionality, so the customization will be endless. Finally, it uses a USB-C cable and Gasket Mount design for added convenience and has a better typing experience overall.

The structure of the entire keyboard goes up to a whopping 11. You have the front and rear top, followed by the Side and Space Bar, then comes the Plate where you can use either an FR-4 or POM, Plate Foam, Stems and Housing, PE Sheet, PCB, Bottom Foam, a choice of either Carbon Fiber or Metal Case Plate, Front and Rear Base and finally, Stand and Branding Plate.

Truth be told when we got the chance to hold the keyboard and have a feel of it – I have to say, it feels solid like a block of metal like it should. The carbon fibre finish does elevate the experience and while I am personally not a fan of the carbon fibre weave pattern, it still sure is nice to have. Finally – this profile seems to be a better choice over 60%, which limits users from having an optimal experience – like having the arrow keys for instance.

Since this is a custom DIY keyboard, consumers will get to build their Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65 via their site and once you have paid, Ducky will then send the parts in a package for you to assemble it all by yourself. If you don’t have any experience in that area, I would suggest finding a good builder and paying for their service to help you build it.

Release Date

Ducky has not set any definite dates but they did tell us that in Q3-Q4 of 2023, it will be made available for the users. Pricing-wise, expect it to range anywhere from $400 onwards – which is our hunch but again we will update when we do get more information about it.

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