At Computex 2023, Ducky made some impressive keyboards – more specifically their first DIY Mechanical Keyboard called the Ducky ProjectD Outlaw 65, which you can read all about it here. But it doesn’t end there as Ducky announced three more keyboards, a mouse and their own coiled cable which we will cover all of it right here.

Computex 2023 Ducky Announcements

Ducky Freedom SF

Ducky Freedom SF

Ducky has always made wired keyboards and to see them venture into wireless is about time. Unlike any other keyboard you see in the market, the Ducky Freedom SF uses 4-modes for connectivity. You have the usual USB-C, Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4G and get ready, support for PS/2 – which personally I did not see coming. Their reasoning for the inclusion of this is that this allows the keyboard to be used in data-sensitive situations where what you are typing doesn’t get tampered with.

But that aside, the keyboard comes in two different colour schemes – Black and White, following the Ducky One 3 keyboard colourway. Otherwise, customization is an option as you can swap the switches easily, thanks to its hot-swappable setup. The keyboard has a Quack Mechanic which gives a better typing experience, three-level adjustable feet for comfort, 5 different profile settings and easy-to-switch modes and finally, N-Key rollover with anti-ghosting technology.

The Ducky Freedom SF is said to be available in Q4 of 2023 in two sizes – SF and Mini.

Ducky One 3 Pro

Ducky One 3 Pro

The pro-version is out and the Ducky One 3 Pro is the crème de la crème of the One 3 series with a new south-facing switch design that gives better compatibility with a lot of keycap specification and they have improved the backlighting, to make sure it does shine from the bottom for a better look. The report rate on this keyboard is cranked up to a crazy 8KHz – which means your typing or gaming experience with this is going to be extremely instantaneous, at every 0.0125 milliseconds.

The Ducky One 3 Pro gets triple-shot PBT keycaps, the switches are hot-swappable, it also has a Quack Mechanic and finally comes in 4 different sizes: 60%, 65%, 80% and 100%. This keyboard will be made available starting in Q3 of 2023.

Ducky Mecha Pro SF

Ducky Mecha Pro SF

If you want a 65% form factor with a nice eye-candy design, then the Ducky Mecha Pro SF is where it’s at. This particular keyboard comes in different kinds of iridescent paint finish, giving that holo-feel or dual-tone colour. To achieve this, Ducky went for a triple coating, weave-patterned paint, to give the look it has and really leave a memorable mark in one’s heart. Once again, we get to see the Quacks mechanic under the hood and this keyboard also comes with a hot-swappable design.

Finally, the Ducky Mecha Pro SF is made out of CNC aluminium casing – so, you best bet it’s going to be solid AF. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer as this keyboard will only be available in Q1 of 2024.

Ducky Feather Mouse

This is a surprising product which we got to learn about. The Ducky Feather has an ambidextrous design, so doesn’t matter if you are a left-handed or right-handed user – you can use it whichever way you want. Under the hood, the mouse comes with 3 options of micro switches: Huano 50M, Kailh 80M and OMRON 60M. Sensorwise, it touts the PixArt PMW 3389 with PET Plastic cover and the mouse has a purple gold PCB with a light yellow FFC if that matters to you.

Other than that, Ducky has gone for a very flexible Paracord for its cable, the ability to choose between two different PTFE mouse feet sizes, ARGB for that beautiful lighting and finally, support for swappable LOD and even polling rate slide switches.

Ducky Coiled Cable 

Finally, for those coiled cable fans out there – Ducky has their own flavour. Their coiled cable uses a 5-pin aviator connector which we have seen with other cables before and this helps with offering better resistance against interference and makes sure that you have a stable connection. They have gone for a PET Nylon Shrink Film material for complete protection around the cable and they offer it in a USB-C connector – so this means, a wider connectivity choice.

That’s all we have to share from Ducky’s new announcement – and we will be reviewing these keyboards when we get the chance to do so. So, in the meantime, make sure to follow us on our socials.

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