While we may or may not see the first brand that announced the Bendable OLED monitor in Malaysia, we sure did see the LG OLED Flex and in fact, that will be going on sale in Malaysia for a cool RM 13,199. Here’s everything you should know about it.

LG OLED Flex Malaysia

The LG OLED Flex, despite being a monitor is somewhat similar to what the Samsung Smart Monitor is like, it has an OS, a Remote to control and can work independently without a device to depend on. But that aside, what we do see here is a 42” 4K OLED Display in a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of an ultrawide display – making it more feasible for content creators and content consumers out there. Given that it’s an OLED display, you can expect the prowess of an OLED panel to truly shine here – with that deeper true blacks, punchy colours and since it is a gaming monitor, you get that 0.1ms response time with 4K120 refresh rate.

One thing about the OLED displays is that they are highly reflective and putting a matte coating on top, dulls down the colour. However, LG has added a SAR coating that eliminates the reflection as much as possible by 25%, without affecting the viewing experience. And don’t worry, it has G-SYNC and all that gaming goodness.

Now, let’s talk about the flexibility part because it is one beautiful-looking mechanic. The display bends with a click of a button. So, it goes from flat all the way to a 900R curved display or if you want a certain degree of curve, you can choose from the 20 different levels. The entire mechanism lies behind the display which also is helpful in adjusting the display’s height and tilt. The TV OS does give you some stuff to improve the experience like the colours and so on, which is great to have but it’s more of a preference thing.

Finally, not to forget, it has RGB.

LG OLED Flex Malaysia Pricing

LG Malaysia announced that the LG OLED Flex will be priced at RM 13,199 and will be available for sale soon. That said, if you do want to experience this display, you can visit the LG’s Perfect 10th Perfect Black Roadshow at Midvalley Megamall from 12th July till the 16th July 2023. On top of that, purchase any of the newer TVs to get upto RM 1700 TNG eWallet Credit and even walk away with another LG 65” TV through the lucky draws.

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