Sea Limited and Penjana Kapital brought entrepreneurs together for Tech in Fashion, to showcase their fashion-tech innovation. This is basically their motive to prepare and empower SMEs to put a strong footing in the ever-evolving digital economy we are currently in.

Tech in Fashion | SEA and Penjana Kapital

Tech in Fashion | SEA and Penjana Kapital

The digital revolution is transforming many sectors, and the fashion industry is no exception. The issue of textile waste has become a major environmental concern as clothes are often dumped in landfills. Yet, the advent of advanced technology is changing the way we consume fashion, steering it towards sustainability. In an effort to fight climate change, four companies have been handpicked to demonstrate their commitment and expertise.

Kicking things off with Kloth Circularity Malaysia. This brand is creating new clothing by recycling recycling plastic bottle waste, thereby, driving circularity in the textile industry. Following that, Nanotextile Sdn Bhd is pushing Malaysia’s fashion industry forward by working with local fashion brands and claims to develop advanced technologies.

Kualesa has leveraged generative artificial intelligence (AI) and large language model (LLM) to optimise marketing efficiency and conversion rates – which helps in building the business. And finally, Oxwhite – while they may have taken a route most fashion brands do, that is by selling products online, in their case, it did accelerate their growth during the pandemic.

On top of the 4 brands, the Founder of Kabinet Prive, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan shared how luxury fashion has now become “investments” or “assets” which grow in value over time.

With the tech and lifestyle world evolving, it’s definitely a sight to see (SEA, get it?) how entrepreneurs are building their way up and improving on how to make things better, not just for themselves but for Mother Earth.

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