Epson EpiqVision Ultra Smart Laser Projector

Epson Malaysia has brought in their latest projectors right before the year ends. As a part of their No Frames, No Limits Exhibition, the brand aims to showcase how these projectors can fit into different scenarios – which you can experience yourself at their Exhibition which will be happening at The Grey Box, GMBB on December 14-15. But that aside, say hello to their new Epson EpiqVision Ultra Smart Laser Projector along with 3 other models.

Epson EpiqVision Ultra Smart Laser Projector

Epson EpiqVision Ultra Smart Laser Projector EH-LS800

We got to witness the Epson EpiqVision Ultra Smart Laser Projector EH-LS800B – which is their new 4K HDR short throw projector with 4K PRO UHD 3LCD Technology that can project up to 100”-inch and better yet, hits 4000 lumens in brightness, making it pretty bright to be in a brightlit living room because that seems to be the focus this time around. In terms of the input, you get a decent selection of it – ranging from 3x HDCP 2.3 HDMI ports, 1 Stereo Mini, 1 SPDIF and a USB3 specifically for power supply as it doesn’t have any USB Function.

Since this projector aims to be one solution for everything – they are equipped with Yamaha speakers and have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity – which you can take advantage of the Smart Media Player.

Alongside this model, they announced another Short throw projector for more home-use-case-scenarios – the Epson EB-810E which aims to bring similar connectivity options, powered by similar 3LCD technology with 4K resolution, hits 5000 lumens and can scale up from 80” to 160”. However, this model will be available next year in January 2024.

Other Models Announced

Epson Malaysia announced other models with their Ultra Short Throw Projectors are the Epson Home Theatre EH-TW6250 4K PRO-UHD 3LCD Smart Gaming projector which, comes with Android TV baked right into it, offers HDR10 experience in a projector and if you do use 1080p, it brings down the input lag to just under 20 ms – making it pretty fast if you ask us.

Then there’s the Epson CO-FH01 which is a Full HD Projector with 3000 lumens brightness that aims to power home and office at an affordable price point. In fact, with their redesign, their consumer-friendly price point projectors are very compact and easy to bring around as well.

Pricing and Availability

As of today, three models are readily available in the market – the EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B going for RM 16,699, the Gaming Projector for RM 5,299 and the CO-FH01 for just RM 2,519. As we mentioned earlier, the EB-810E will only be available in 2024 – so, stay tuned for that.

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