• S Pen brings Versatility to Productivity and Creativity
  • Beautiful Display we have seen on a Tablet
  • Impressive Performance and Handling
  • Book Cover Keyboard comes with a Trackpad
  • Option to choose between SIM and WiFi Version


  • A Premium offering

Samsung announced the new Tab S7 lineup along side with the Galaxy Note20 Series which we have reviewed here as well – if you want to read: click here for the Note20 and click here for the Note20 Ultra 5G. That said, their S series tablet lineup is said to tout everything you’d expect from a flagship device, that said – we got to play with it for a while and here’s our verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

Look and Feel


Gone are those curved, marble like finish and say hello to this very industrial design that turns everyone’s head. In fact, its the same design language as the previous Tab S6. But this time it comes in two different sizes, and ours is the bigger one. The whole build quality is very robust and its nice to hold with this industrialized design that definitely turns everyone’s head around. The matte like metal finish on the back with a flat sides all over the tablet leaves a genuinely nice impression. The build quality of the tablet is solid with a glass front for the display and a metal finish for the rest of the tablet. It’s simple, clean and blends into any kind of environment you are in.


All it took to fall in love with the display is just turning it on and from there, it was the best experience I’ve ever had on an Android tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ comes with a 12.4” Super AMOLED Display in a WQXGA+ Resolution with support for HDR10+ and support for NTSC color range. To top it off, the tablet also comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. Its hard to come by a good display on a tablet and the Galaxy Tab S7+ slams all the other android tablet in the market with an amazing contrast and colorful display. Not to forget the 120Hz refresh Rate is an additional touch and makes a lot sense on a bigger display over a smaller smartphone so to speak. In fact, using this for productivity and a little bit of entertainment was fun to do so. You will have the same experience as we did with this tablet.

What makes the tab S7+ stand out – is the support for S Pen. If you are an avid fan of the note series, then chances are the S Pen on the S7+ will be up to your liking as it checks out all the boxes. With low latency and the ability to take notes with the help of applications from Samsung themselves or even take complete advantage of the Microsoft Suite such as OneNote is a dream come true. Its a creators match made in heaven.

Specification and Performance

The Tab S7+ comes with the following configuration – and no it doesn’t come with their Exynos processor but a Qualcomm Processor instead.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+
  • 8GB RAM | 256GB Internal Storage
  • Can be expanded with a MicroSD Card

Looking at the specification above, it should give you an idea that the S7+ is a do-it-all kind of a tablet. Hitting every checklist and boxes you can find in both work and play environment. That said, it sure does – we were able to play some game titles on the tablet and the experience on a huge 120Hz display using it handheld does come with some interesting experience or taking the S Pen to sketch and jot down notes as studying, working or even just to do art is fun. Productivity wise, the laptop has the capability to handle everything you throw at it – after all it is a flagship tablet from the Korean Giants and it should be able to do that. We benchmarked the tablet and you can take a look at the scored below.

Book Cover Keyboard

Samsung made a Folio Keyboard cover to go along with the Tab S7+ and unlike other keyboard sleeves we have seen so far, Samsung went further as including not just a keyboard but a trackpad onto the sleeve making it the most versatile and easiest to use on the move. In all honesty, a keyboard sleeve to a laptop is a nice touch but knowing the fact that most of the android tablet doesn’t come with a trackpad makes it a little hard to navigate and chances are – you will have to pair an external mouse wirelessly to have the near laptop experience. But in this case you don’t have to worry about that as it comes together with the sleeve and it’s great to have.

The keyboard on the Tab S7+ is a chiclet styled with a low key travel. For the most part the keyboard has some relatively nicely spaced key with rounded off edges. They didn’t go for any odd shaped keys which is nice to have and typing on this feels alright. I do wish there was a magnetized incline you could make in some way to have a comfortable typing experience but knowing this is a tablet, sometimes there are certain compromises to be made.

The Folio cover comes with a magnetized cover for the tablet itself and once you snap it into place, the laptop has a surface like hinge where you can adjust the tablet whichever way you want it to stand – a very thoughtful design. On the back, there’s also a flip holder to hold the S Pen in place.

Our Opinion

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ brings a lot to the table with what you see above for a flagship tablet and for the most part, it does bring a pro-grade product without taunting the title on the product page or the box itself. And it is definitely going to put all the other contenders product to rest – here’s why. The closest competition to the Tab S7 in the android realm is the recently reviewed Huawei Matepad Pro which does come close but the lack of GMS puts the laptop short and it falls short in the department, therefore making it an unappealing tablet so to speak.

The Tab S7+ does have GMS and to top it off, the added support and the refined software from Samsung’s department makes the tablet whole and even better. So, its quite the head turner. In fact, this is a close to perfect tablet in the Android segment we have seen in a long while. But given that Apple still holds a strong tablet market with their iPad, one can only wonder if people would even consider the Tab S7 because this is where Samsung competition lies ahead.


If there was an iPad Pro with Android running on top with all the Pro features to go along with it, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ fits that category. And coming at a whopping RM4599, it is a tough pill to swallow – in fact consumers can get a proper Ultrabook like the ASUS Zenbook we reviewed not too long ago for the same price. Which makes the Tab S7 a very niche product. If you are looking for the most versatile tablet you can find in the market, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ would be it.

Personally, I love the Tab S7+ and rather spending that money on a phone, it feels worth every penny and dime on this tablet, any day.