Way before the Galaxy S21 Series made its debut, there were rumors about the S21 Ultra to support S Pen, the same way as their Tab S series and the Note – which turned out to be true as during the launch they said everything we had to know. So, we were curious and conveniently we received our S21 Ultra from Samsung, we went ahead and purchased the Samsung Galaxy S21 Case with the S Pen to see if it’s a worthy investment

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Flip Case or not, it’s your choice

The fact that Samsung gives consumer the choice of either going for the Flip Case which is the flip case to cover both the front of the display or if you want the simple shell case that covers the back and around the rails but not the display is nice – as it caters two different audience. The one we purchased cost RM 289 and we purchased from Shopee Official Store whereas the Foldable Case variant cost a whopping RM 369. So, pick the right one and I am very sure you do not want to spend more than once.

Pretty nice and Grippy Case


The silicone cover that we purchased has a genuinely nice soft touch feel which I am a huge fan of. It does have more of a rubberized feel of sorts but that’s quite all right, making it extremely grippy. Worry not, you are paying your pretty penny for a hard-shell case which is great. Just that since it’s a silicone case, it does collect dust around the case from your pocket and leave prominent fingerprint mark – I’d recommend cleaning it occasionally. On the front, it doesn’t have a prominent lip to protect the display, so it’s better to be incredibly careful when you place it face down.

The S Pen slot is positioned on the left side and it sits nice and snug and has all the other holes for the ports and speakers cut well.

The S Pen Experience is the same as the Note 8

You might be wondering – why am I mentioning the Note 8 as its quite an old smartphone from the whole series? Here’s why.

Now yes, conceptually speaking the S Pen made for the S21 Ultra has the same general idea as the Note series through and through – with the same pressure points, the button on the side to trigger the S Pen interface on the phone. Now this is the same across all the S Pen. But what makes it different from the Note20 and the Tab S7, is that those pens feature BLE, has a built-in mini battery and a gyroscope baked into that tiny pen to take advantages of the exclusive features that it comes with: The Gesture control and so on. Now this is a feature only made available from the Note 9 onwards, which is why – the S Pen that we get on the S21 Ultra experience is the same as the Note 8. But if you know and love the S Pen for what it is, the experience on the S21 Ultra is great.

Sorry Galaxy S21 and S21+ Users, it’s not for you

It’s cool that the Ultra users get to experience the S Pen but sadly if you plan to purchase the other Galaxy S21 or the S21+, you won’t get to experience it.

The Real Question: Is this going to kill the Note Series?

Short and simple, no. I believe the Note series will exist on its own and it caters a special market for users who want that experience on their phone – the seamless interaction and experience. If there’s a Note series flagship that’s going to be out later this year, you best bet that’s going to capture my attention more than ever.

Is it worth Purchasing?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Case with S Pen is an effective productive tool for myself as I cannot live without the S Pen – especially coming from a previous Note series. That said if you were to spend that heart breaking money, remember – it is more of an investment and a productivity tool you can count on. This pandemic we are spending more time online signing consignments and applications, the S Pen is a mighty tool to have.

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