Just yesterday, Samsung announced their new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G globally and locally, which if you want to know the prices of, you can click here to check out. But that aside, we got to play around with the phone for a while – courtesy of Samsung Malaysia for making it possible and we are lost for words with the S21 FE 5G for few reasons but there are some reasons to like to look at it as well but let’s start off with the impressions before we give our thoughts.


In terms of looks, the phone doesn’t really stray away from the S series design but there are some subtle choices that remind the phone of an A Series phone than the S Series. Instead of having that metal camera rails that slips into the frame of the phone, it has a one-piece finish with the plastic back. It comes in 4 assorted colors and when you look at these colors, it reminds consumers of the A Series colors. Otherwise, the phone feels light and easy to hold, which is completely normal given that the phone is now mostly plastic on the back. The feel of it is exactly the same as the S21 we reviewed last year – but the display is much flatter which is nice to look at, the same thing happened with the S20 FE as well.

As for the rest, honestly the experience feels just as close to what the S21 offers sans the flagship grade specification of course and the Fan Edition has a tone down everything really. But that’s all the impressions we could get from the phone. But there are some thoughts we have which I think you would have too.


It’s the Pixel 6 alternative in countries with no Pixel

If you have paid enough attention to the tech scene last year, the Pixel 6 really won many hearts in more ways than one for being a good flagship and even at an incredibly competitive pricing, it was all a user would have wanted. But unfortunately, there isn’t an official presence for Pixel in other countries and Malaysia being one of it – so, in that case, you’d realize that the S21 FE is just the perfect alternative to that and if you want a 3-year update cycle, still a flagship experience and all that. But then remember, the comparison with the Pixel 6 isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison because that is still superior in certain ways, but the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the second-best choice really.

A Little late to the Party

When I say a little late, I mean extremely late to the party. The predecessor to the S21 FE, which is the S20 FE made its debut the same year as the S20 Series but around September/October of 2020 and it just slam dunked every other smartphone in the market with its feisty experience, hardware, and price tag. But we really can’t say the same for the S21 FE – all the drama the phone went through (getting almost cancelled, putting production on hold and prioritizing Z Flip 3 instead) – it should have stayed dead, well, cancelled. Releasing it in 2022, 4 days after the new year makes little to no sense because a new year indicates new series and…

The S22 is literally around the Corner

Source: Evan Blass

You heard that right – based on our assumptions, if the phone gets launched sometime around in February or March 2022, it’s still literally around the corner for a completely new series to blow consumers mind off – especially if you look at all the leaks by now where the S22 Ultra is literally a Note with S Pen built in and the normal S22 and S22+ which will be replacing the S21 Series. It’s confusing to see the S21 FE get launched in 2022.

Plus, the irony – that Samsung changed the numerical naming to follow the year, and now the FE no longer follows that.

You can find S21 or the Z Flip 3 close to S21 FE Price more than ever

Now this depends on where you live, but even in Malaysia we have already seen the S21 go for as low as RM 3000 at certain stores for a brand-new unit. If you are in other countries, getting a refurbished S21 costs just as much as a S21 FE. And if the recent sale is any better indication, we even saw the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 go as low as RM 2999 and honestly, there is a possibility of the phone going to the same price again later this year for Chinese New Year or any other sale for that matter.

So, if you do plan to get the S21 FE…

Wait. That’s the best advice we can give honestly and only if you are very sure and certain of your choice, then purchase the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. But still, I think the right thing to do is just wait because the last thing you want is regret or a buyer’s remorse really.