Regardless of how many generations of foldable Samsung makes, one of the biggest questions we always get is: “is the Hinge reliable?”. Even as someone who does content and review, I would be kidding if I said that question never popped into my head. Generation after generation, Samsung is doing something to improve it but what is really they doing and, in our case, is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Hinge any more reliable than its predecessor?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Hinge

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Hinge

Since the first iteration of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the concept as to how the hinge has been executed has not changed drastically but it has been improved upon marginally. The first generation did feel a little flimsy over the span of time. Then came the second generation, which was essentially the same as the first but with not much improvement. It was the 3rd generation that made some sort of difference. It felt a little more solid but over time, it did have some “wear and tear” that made it a wee bit loose.

This time around, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Hinge is entirely constructed based on their toughest Aluminium frame, called Armor Aluminium. Now to us, that doesn’t sound exciting but when we experienced it with our Z Flip4, we noticed it.

For one, the hinge is a whole lot rigid, so say bye to the one-hand “flipping open” mechanism. But this time around, when you open at any angle, the display remains open – giving an added advantage for users to take photos however they want it with the FlexView mode. It’s also well closed and with the T-bracket, it keeps the display in place too. Now with the IPX8 – you can take it for a dunk but remember, it isn’t dustproof or resistant – so be wary of that.

The caveat of a Foldable Hinge…

… is the foldable display. Unlike Motorola with their Razr which has incorporated a mechanism that eliminates the crease entirely – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 display stays creased but if you read our review, we did mention it did improve as it’s more structurally rigid. But the hinge plays a key role in keeping the display the way it is.

Rather than folding it like paper, which isn’t realistic with these displays as it would break – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Hinge closes in a way where the display curls inwards instead of folding it. The T-Brackets hold the display in place as well. While it isn’t the best solution per se, it does work in keeping the display with – as little crease as possible.

In our month+ of use…

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Hinge instils better confidence over its predecessor which is a win already. The linear motion-based hinge that brings a rotational effect is a lot more compact, lightweight and feels better to use. Samsung did claim that it is rated for 200,000 folds whereas, in real-world cases, it hits more than 400,000 folds. So far, we have opened and closed a good few hundred times – the integrity of the hinge has not been lost.

… But it isn’t enough duration to be a testimony for a long run

Thing is, our month + of use, doesn’t really give the testimony as to if the experience will be the same or it would degrade. This is where Samsung is stepping in to offer a two-year warranty on the Z Flip4 and Fold4, along with a replacement screen protector at free cost. So, this means that – users who opt in for the 4th Generation foldable from Samsung can take their word for word as they are showing every way, they can to tell consumers that these foldable are getting more and more reliable.

If you happen to miss out on our review, you can read it here and stay tuned to The Adventures of Vesper for more.